Kaleenah Edwards

In 2013 we were proud to announce performances of Stradbroke Dreamtime during the 2013 Festival.

Stradbroke Dreamtime was a QPAC and Queensland Theatre Company Production.

Stradbroke Dreamtime was a newly-created production from QPAC and Queensland Theatre Company based on the writings of Oodgeroo Noonuccal – Aunty Kath Walker – who grew up on North Stradbroke Island.

Oodgeroo is celebrated nationally as a writer, poet and artist. On her island home, she is remembered also as a champion of Aboriginal cultural values and strident advocate for the protection of Stradbroke’s environment.

‘He was a beauty, that ten-foot carpet snake we had as a pet. My father belonged to the Noonuccal tribe of Stradbroke Island, and the carpet snake was his totem.’ From Stradbroke Dreamtime by Oodgeroo Stradbroke Dreamtime brings to life on stage Oodgeroo’s island stories. The 45-minute show takes the form of dance telling a Dreamtime story, and songs of the water, the land and the people and creatures.

Stradbroke Dreamtime’s cast of three includes Oodgeroo’s great grand daughter, Kaleenah Edwards.

Stradbroke Dreamtime transported audiences to the oldest living culture on earth. To perform – and to experience – Stradbroke Dreamtime in its authentic island setting adds a powerful and poignant note to the LINES in the SAND festival production.