Josephine Ellis

Artwork by Sharon Jewell photograph by Josephine Ellis

Josephine is professional photographer and emerging filmmaker who has worked
extensively in fashion photography, the documentation of youth festivals, short films and
band photography. Through her work she focuses on capturing the joy and happiness in life
and the passion which exists at the core of all things. 

An important part of Josephine’s artwork is drawing inspiration from a variety of
different people, places, sub-cultures and ethnic groups to show that apart from our apparent
differences we all share the same passion for life. Josephine also loves to collaborate with
other artists and to take her work to a variety of different mediums while continuing to push
the boundaries of her own practice. 

In 2007 Josephine was granted the Brisbane City Council Creative Sparks Grant for
which she coordinated a three month fashion project concluding with an exhibition and
showcase of her and 10 other emerging artists to produce a dvd, brochures, exhibition and a
final fashion parade. 

As Youth Arts Worker, Josephine has also been granted funding and
co-coordinated many projects for young people at risk. These have included fashion projects, 
running and facilitating a number of workshops and co-coordinating a youth festival for the
past 5 years, this has given her the experience and motivation to go on and coordinate her
own arts projects. 

Her iconic photography has characterised many Lines in the Sand events.