Visual anthropologist; Michael Aird

A fascinating merger between anthropology, the arts, culture and curating is exemplified by the work of Michael Aird... Professor Memmott and Queensland Museum curator Michael Aird brought this exhibition together after more than 30 years of collecting, researching and studying historical photographs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Retrieved November 1, 2018 from In the spotlight: curator …

Darwin and Plutichik’s EMOTIONS

Plutchik proposed that 'basic' emotions of anger, fear, sadness, disgust, surprise, anticipation, trust, and joy. are biologically primitive and have evolved in order to increase the reproductive fitness of the animal. Plutchik argues each of these emotions are a trigger to behaviour with high survival value, such as the way fear inspires the fight-or-flight response. …

JOURNEYING: Kangaroo Island, Reflecting on Islands of the World Conference July 2017

The 15th Islands of the World Conference was a gathering of peoples at Kangaroo Island Australia, July 2-7 2017 organised by the ISISA the International Small Islands Studies Association. Conference themes were considered, determined and decided before island visitors arrived. How else to organise a rabble of renegade and retired academics, active senior citizens, young …

Local Council Mapping the Quandamooka

Released today by the Queensland Redistribution Commission were the new state electoral boundaries for the Redlands. These four electorates: Oodgeroo (formerly Cleveland), Capalaba, Redlands or Springwood which will include people living in Sheldon and Mt Cotton. Oodgeroo was the traditional name of the Aboriginal poet and activist Aunty Kath Walker. Oodgeroo Noonuccal mans paper bark …

Migrating Birds MBQC Conference

Migrating Bar-Tailed Godwit 


The bar-tailed godwit migrates in flocks to coastal East Asia, Alaska, Australia, Africa, northwestern Europe and New Zealand, where the sub-species Limosa lapponica baueri is called 'Kūaka' in Māori. It was shown in 2007 to undertake the longest non-stop flight of any bird. ... The flight took approximately nine days.

Bar-tailed godwit - Wikipedia