Mining Minjerriba to End 2019

There are three mines on North Stradbroke Island, all owned by Sibelco Australia Limited (formerly called Unimin Australia Limited), a Belgian owned multi-national company:- 1. Enterprise, also known as ’Devastation South’ which would run out of minerals by 2027 (at the latest) anyway, even if allowed to continue longer (see official information under ‘library/resources’ tab). …

JOURNEYING: Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre (KALACC) 2018 Festival

Every two or three years Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre (KALACC) hosts a major regional festival attracting up to 3000 people from across the Kimberely. 2017 Festival was at Lombadina September 18-21. Photos by Jo-Anne Fay Duncan in Facebook gallery documents "arguably these are the largest festivals in Australia dedicated to promoting traditional Aboriginal …

Quandamooka Place Names, Jandai Aboriginal Language

Aboriginal place names for the small islands of the Quandamooka include:

Coochimudlo Island - Goochie Goochie-pa / Goochie mudlo

Fisherman Island - Andaccahl

Green Island - Milwarpa / Danggar / Tangeera

Karragarra - Karragarra

Macleay Island - Jencoomercha

Moreton Island - Moorgumpin / Mulganpin / Moaraganpin

Mud Island - Bangamba

North Stradbroke Island - Minnjerriba / Terangeri

Peel Island - Jercroobai

Russell Island - Canaipa

South Stradbroke - Curragee / Garaji

St Helena - No-gun/Nugoon

Quandamooka Festival, Minjerriba (North Stradbroke Island)

Now in it's third year the Quandamooka Festival is an important celebration of culture and country. 2011 was the year Native Title was recognised for the Quandamooka people under Anna Bligh's government. The LNP and Campbell Newman extended the allowed period for mining until 2035. Anna Bligh was invited to speak at the welcome ceremony on Sunday, and talked about Quandamooka's High Court challenge to reinstate labour policy to end Sibelco's large Enterprise mine in 2019, with rehabilitation to continue beyond that. 

This from the Redland City Bulletin shows Anne Walker former Queensland Government minister, Deputy Premier Jackie Tradd, former State Premier Anna Bligh and Minister for Housing Leeanne Enoch, 

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