Hot Island Posters

Thank-you Dunwich State School students and teachers for your wonderful posters this year.. The standard was exceptional; the messages so well thought out and the artwork so diverse.

We started doing the school poster project way back in 2010, with the theme of community garden. Other issues we have discussed over the years include ocean plastics, the fresh water aquifer and we have had many guest speakers visit the school.

Some of the best posters produced over the years are now documented in our new look Environment Blog.

Thank-you Dr Jan Aldenhoven for visiting school assembly and classes to talk about the island fires and regrowth, also Uncle Norm from QYAC and the Gelati Shop for prizes.

2 Replies to “Hot Island Posters”

  1. I think one of the strengths of this school program is continuity. Continuing to build on the Lines school program year on year at the school gives recognition and familiarity. There is recognition of the event now as something worthwhile, informative and creative. The teachers are behind it. Excellent that so many children have contributed contributed. Dr Jan Aldenhoven


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